Dried Flowers


Dried flowers are increasingly popular, and here are some tips for varieties you can dry this summer.

(with acknowledgement to Flowers from The Farm)

Larkspur – stems must be picked when the plant is 90% in flower or before the bottom flowers start to drop.

Echinops – pick just before the first florets open from the spikes to retain a strong blue colour

Alchemilla Mollis – pick when almost all the small yellow flowers are out and they still look fresh

Cornflower – pick when flowers have just opened fully.  Mature flowers will not dry successfully.

Chrysanthemum – pick just before maturity and dry quickly.

Statice – dont pick until all the little flowers are open, or the stems will go limp.  Hang upside down to dry.

Strawflowers – pick before completely open as they continue to open when drying and the centres will become large and furry.

Nigella seed pods – best picked whilst still green.

Poppies – pick whe pods are mature but still green

Hydrangeas – flower needs to be mature and starting to feel papery.  Hang upside down or put into a container with about an inch of water.  Hydrangea Annabelle are not easy to dry.

Honesty – if picked when the seed pods are still green they wont peel.